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Hank Wangford is the twisted Godfather of the British alternative country music scene, picking at the dark and troubled soul of Country music for thirty years. He spread the word with his two groundbreaking TV series, HW’s A to Z of C&W and Big Big Country. This messianic derailment onto country music came from befriending Gram Parsons in the early seventies.

He settled near Southwold in the late seventies and formed his first Wangford band with local musicians. Coming back to Southwold for the festival is closing the circle for Hank. He is bringing the Lost Cowboys his band of stellar musicians with Martin Belmont (guitar), BJ Cole (pedal steel & dobro), Kevin Foster (bass), Spanner Robinson (vocals) and Roy Dodds (drums).

‘If you want originality, something that still has the bite and twang, the sharp cutting wit and the rawness of hard country, then there is only one man to see. His name is Hank Wangford.’ New York Times Hank’s CDs and vinyl on $incere $ounds are all available online on Amazon or Spotify. Hank is now working on his new album working title Rancho Wangford. He writes for the Guardian, Independent and The Oldie and has two books published.

He travels and lectures as a doctor in sexual healthcare. Hank knows that laughter, tears and music are the greatest healers we have. This is why he loves Country music.

Check Hank’s writings and recordings on www.hankwangford.co.uk

Ticket Price: £17.50       Book Tickets